Tuesday, October 20, 2009

G'evening all,

I added a new 3 DAY auction, but did not get in here until now to update my blog... there are about 24 hours left on this auction (sorry about not getting here sooner to update and let you know I had added this new auction)... please click on this bead collection's title below and be taken directly to its ebay auction...

GATHERING OF THE REDWOODS ::: Rarely, do we come across a single REDWOOD tree, standing alone, when we are out in the forest hiking and exploring... but rather we will come upon a gathering of many of these majestic beauties, surrounding one another... this collection of beads is to celebrate these special sightings of the GATHERINGS of these gorgeous trees when we are out in Mother Nature.

Here is a collection of my handmade artisan lampwork glass beads in my favorite beads to make... my REDWOOD design... these beads start with a background of earthy sage greens, topaz browns and golden rusts, which are then decorated with redwood-bark browns and deep, rich brown decorations on both sides of these beads.

There are 17 beads in this auction... a lentil shaped focal/centerpiece bead that measures about 23½mm x 25mm with 10 matching smaller sized lentil shaped beads that range in size from about 18½mm to 20¾mm... also included are 3 matching pair of smaller sized beads, one pair are tube shaped and 2 pair are rounds... these smaller sized beads were created with earrings and/or 'danglies' in mind... all of these beads, as I mentioned above, are decorated on both sides... and they have all been gently etched to a satin matte finish... they have been strung on satin ribbon and this strand of beads measures approximately 10¼ inches long.

GATHERING OF THE REDWOODS ::: A photograph of this bead collection...

GATHERING OF THE REDWOODS ::: A view of the other side of these beads...

GATHERING OF THE REDWOODS ::: An image of GATHERING OF THE REDWOODS in my hand to give you a visual reference to their size...

That's about it for now... I will have another new auction tomorrow night... so will be back to update soon.

Take good care, Gracie



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