Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello, hello all,

I have a new collection of beads up on ebay... please just click on this bead collection's title below and be taken directly to its ebay auction... this is a 3 DAY auction...

EARTHY, RICH & RUST ::: A collection of my handmade artisan lampwork glass beads in the colors and hues of earthy and rich, rust and brown tones, along with pale opaque champagne designs... again, I had a bracelet in mind while I was creating these beads... this lentil shape is so comfortable to wear on your wrist and these colors are great for the year round... right now, even though they are a couple months in the future, the Christmas Holidays come to mind for these beads... but when I think ahead to Spring and Summertime, that works, too. :)

There are 7 beads in this auction... these are all lentil shaped beads and these 7 beads range in size from about 19½ to 20¾mm... these beads have all been intricately decorated on both sides... they were then meticulously cleaned of bead release and temporarily strung on cording... this strand of beads measures just shy of 5¼ inches long.

EARTHY, RICH & RUST ::: A close-up view of this collection of beads...

EARTHY, RICH & RUST ::: Another view of these beads...

EARTHY, RICH & RUST ::: A view of these beads in my hand to give you a visual as to their size...

Take good care and thanks so much for stopping by to take a look!

G'nite, Gracie

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