Sunday, November 01, 2009

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I've been away from the torch for a week or so because while I was out taking a walk, I fell and went B-O-O-M on the sidewalk... the huge trees in this neighborhood had lifted the sidewalk and created about a 1 inch rise in part of the walkway (something for me to trip on) and down I went! Obviously, Gracie the Graceful, I am not! (ha ha) I was VERY lucky, though, and did not break any bones or teeth... just banged myself up pretty good... I am finally back behind the torch, thank goodness... I really have missed making my beads!

My first collection of beads that I have made, since my little accident, are some of my favorites to make (love these colors so much), created in my REDWOOD design... and... tonight I have added a new auction of my REDWOOD beads to ebay... please click on this auction's title (below) and you will be taken directly to its auction in ebay...

RETURN OF THE REDWOODS ::: A collection of my handmade artisan lampwork glass beads in my favorite design to work in... REDWOODS... in a mix of the gentle, subtle and soothing colors of nature... sage greens, redwood bark browns, pale champagne and golden honey.

There are 17 beads in this auction... to start this collection is a lentil shaped focal/centerpiece bead that measures approximately 23¼mm x 24½mm... to accompany this are 10 smaller sized lentil shaped beads ranging in size from about 18¼mm to 19½mm... and... there are also 3 pair of small round shaped beads that were created with earrings and/or 'danglies' at your clasp in mind... these smaller rounds measure about 9mm x 11½mm to 8¾mm x 12½mm... all of these beads have been gently etched to a satin matte finish and have been temporarily strung on satin ribbon... this strand of beads measures just shy of 10 inches long... a perfect start for some beautiful bracelets or a lovely necklace, both with matching earrings... or, perhaps, a great start for making those loving gifts for the Holidays?

RETURN OF THE REDWOODS ::: A view of this collection of beads...

RETURN OF THE REDWOODS ::: A view of the other side of these beads...

RETURN OF THE REDWOODS ::: A view of them in my hand to give you a visual reference to their size...

Hoping all is well with all of you and thanks so much for stopping by.

I will have a SPECIAL coming up this week on my web site. If you are on my SPECIALS email notification list, I will send you an email when it is up for sale. Should you wish to be added to my SPECIALS email notification list, please email me at and I will gladly add your name to my list.

Take good care and be careful if you are out taking a walk... it can be treacherous if one is not paying attention and keeping an eye on what is right under their feet! Yikes! Don't think this will ever happen to me again. I am practicing watching where I'm going (and what is under my feet!)... and plan to make that a permanent habit! (ha ha)

G'nite and sweetdreams to all, Gracie :)



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