Friday, January 19, 2007


It's been a while since I have updated my journal/blog, so decided it was about time to do so! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and may 2007 bring you ALL good things and ALL the you dream of!

I have some new beads up on ebay for Springtime! Please click on the bead collection's title below and be taken directly to its ebay auction... yup, the title is a link.

SPRING LOVELIES ::: Spring is just around the corner and to celebrate this time of year (my favorite!), a lovely collection of beads for the Spring season... rainbow colors of Raku in lavenders, purples and gentle greens with hints of blues.

There are 16 beads in this collection... all lentil shapes that range in size from about 18mm to 20mm... all of these beads are decorated on both sides and are temporarily strung on ribbons... this strand of beads measures just shy of 11-1/2 inches long... the beginning of something wonderful!

Feeling very drawn to the upcoming Spring season, which is my favorite time of year, I will be working in lighter, brighter colors soon!

There is something so wonderful about Spring where everything is new and fresh... it's like starting all over again... gotta love it!

Take good care, Gracie :)

P.S. Hi Mal!