Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hi all,

After a lonnnnnng day behind the torch, heading down to the San Francisco Bay to unwind and commune with nature (and the other people who are doing the same thing) is just what this Soul needs... the ocean is very soothing and its power reminds me (without a shadow of a doubt) just how little I have control over in this world... feeling its strength, helps me to stay humble and centered... it's ALL good. *smile*

There is a new collection of beads on the horizon and in the works... I hope to have these beads up on ebay tomorrow evening... sage greens, browns and honey ambers this time.

That's it for now... take good care of you!

G'nite, Gracie

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Finally, a SPECIAL on my web site... I've been promising one for a while and it's now up and available!

ANCIENTS ::: A collection of 15 handmade lampwork glass beads in the subtle, earthy colors of ancient times long ago... honey, amber and champagne on a backdrop of silvered blacks and smokey honey... these beads are drenched in fine silver to add some elegance... great beads for a casual Autumn look or dress 'em up and take them out on the town... these beads would look beautiful against that "little black dress". :)

As always FREE Priority shipping with insurance and a delivery confirmation is included.

Hoping all is well in your worlds!

Take good care, Gracie

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello, hello!

Hope your week is off to a good start... something new up on ebay just now...

WINTER PURPLES ::: a collection of 14 handmade lampwork glass beads in the gorgeous colors of Winter purples, lavenders and rainbow raku colors with hints of deep, rich blues and pale greens ... beautiful colors for the upcoming Winter season... along with these beads is a matching pair that were created with earrings in mind.

More news from the kiln... there is a Special on its way... tomorrow morning I will do my very best to get it together and get it posted on my website!

Unfortunately, my email notification list is on a different computer system than the one I'm currently using... long story short, I will not be able to send out my usual email notification about the Special... this little 'glitch' will be resolved shortly.

Take good care, Gracie

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hoping you are all enjoying your weekend... getting lots of R&R and enjoying some sunshine, your friends and family.

I've added a couple new auctions up on ebay... and as is my usual nature behind the torch, I am being very drawn to the earthy colors again... the first one, ATLANTIS, has 5 days left (just didn't get around to getting my blog updated until now) and the second, ALCHEMY, will run a full 7 days more.

ATLANTIS ::: Perhaps, there really is a lost Land of Atlantis?... if there is, these are the colors I see there... ambers, steel blues, pale champagne and sweet honey... a collection of 20 handmade lampwork glass beads (with two matching pair of beads, created with earrings in mind) in soothing colors with a feeling of times long, long ago.

ALCHEMY ::: A collection of 16 handmade lampwork glass beads, created in ambers and honey colors and dripping in fine silver in perfect colors for Fall and Winter.

I do have a Special for my website in the works... and will get that posted early next week... I promise!

Take good care, Gracie

Monday, August 21, 2006


The past couple of days I have been working in the new colors for Fall... and... have just added a new auction on ebay in these colors...

TRENDS ::: Each season PantoneĀ® Matching System (aka PMS for short) comes out with a fashion color trend prediction of colors for the upcoming months... for Fall of 2006, the hot colors this year are deep mahogany, simply taupe, pale khaki, frosty gray and bijou blue to name a few... I took an opportunity to play with these colors behind the torch... here is a collection of 17 handmade lampwork glass beads in some of the gorgeous new Fall 2006 colors... these colors are earthy, rich and quite beautiful.

These colors will work from Fall on through Winter... and these beads can either go casual or 'dress 'em up' and take 'em out on the town.

Take good care and thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, August 20, 2006


A couple new bead collections are available on ebay...

FALL HUES TOO ::: Another collection of handmade lampwork glass beads in the soothing Fall colors of fawn, khaki and silver, but this time 13 smaller mini sizes ... these beads are drenched in fine silver... these beads are a match to my bead FALL HUES collection that is currently also up on ebay.

AUTUMN BLUES ::: A collection of 7 handmade lampwork glass beads in one of the hot colors for Fall 2006... a gorgeous midnight blue... these beads were created on a backdrop of rainbow greens and blues and were made with a bracelet in mind.

Hoping the rest of your weekend is delightful and filled with ALL good things!

Talk to you soon!

Take good care, Gracie

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hi Everyone,

Hoping all is well and that you are all enjoying these lovely Summer days. *smile* We will soon be in Indian Summer in these neck of the woods... hot, hot, hot!

This evening I have added two new collections of beads in ebay... please click on the titles that follow to be taken directly to the ebay auctions...

FALL HUES ::: A collection of 9 handmade lampwork glass beads in beautiful Fall colors of fawn, khaki and silver with touches of honey, here and there ... these beads are absolutely dripping in fine silver... these beads were created with a bracelet in mind.

ANCIENTS ::: A collection of 13 handmade lampwork glass beads in one of my favorite designs... ANCIENTS... in silvered black and honey... great colors for the Fall season that's on the horizon.

Hope your upcoming weekend is delightful and take good care!


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hello All!

Hoping all is well with everyone!

Here are some beads that I just put on ebay for the Fall Season that is on the horizon...

AUTUMN EQUINOX ::: Here is a collection of 18 beads for the upcoming Fall season... smokey sage greens and deep, majestic purples with touches of silvered ivory to add a bit of elegance.

Truly hope to have some Specials soon!

Take good care, Gracie

Friday, August 04, 2006


Something for SUMMERTIME... just listed on ebay a few minutes ago...

SUMMER HOTS ::: A hot little collection of a dozen (12) handmade lampwork glass beads fashioned in bright and colorful shades of Summertime... fuchsia pinks, hot oranges, pale pinks and reds... these beads were created with a bracelet (or two) in mind!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Talk to you soon and take good care, Gracie :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hi there!

Hoping all is well in your worlds... lately, my attention to color has been drawn to the Fall season... seems us bead makers are a season ahead of the rest of the world... *smile*.

New tonight on ebay...

FROM THE FIRE ::: A collection of 21 handmade lampwork glass beads in fiery rusts, champagne golds, silvered blacks and rainbow raku colors... an array of colors that will work in any season of the year... this strand of beads measures just shy of 14-3/4 inches long.

I'm very interested to hear of what color
groupings that you jewelry designers
out there are interested is seeing for
the upcoming

Fall and Winter months... please let me know at thanks!

Have a great rest of the week!

Take good care, Gracie