Monday, July 06, 2009

Hello all,

Well, I am still without my bead kiln, due to a broken heating element (at least that's what I "think" is wrong with it), which is off being repaired right now... I think/hope my kiln will be back soon and that soon I'm back making beads... in the meantime, I found a sweet little bead in my "bead box" that I am offering on ebay... I am also offering a trio of FLYING DRAGONS that are incredible and were hand carved and painted in BALI... they truly are SPECIAL creatures... to be taken directly to these auctions, simply click on the item's title that follows (yup, the title is also a link to ebay).

TANTALIZING TANZANITE & GREEN ::: Not sure if I mentioned that due to a broken heating element, I have been without my kiln for about a week or so... it will be home soon and I will be back behind it again (thank, goodness!) creating new beads... but in the meantime, I found this sweet little TANTALIZING TANZANITE & GREEN handmade lampwork lentil shaped bead in my "bead box" that was created in tanzanite purples and pistachio greens with hints of silvered ivory here and there... I've added a handful of genuine SWAROVSKI tanzanite colored crystals to accompany it.

This bead measures about 18mm x 19¾mm and is intricately decorated on both sides... great colors for the Summer months ahead and on into Fall and Winter... this would be a cool focal for a delicate little necklace or bracelet.

I am also offering some awesome FLYING DRAGONS that were created in BALI...

Bold, Colorful, Awesome FLYING DRAGON From BALI ::: A fabulous hand carved and hand painted FLYING DRAGON that was created of wood in BALI... he is very handsome, colorful and bold and as I understand it, he was created for protection and ALL good things... he also has a lot of gold leaf (or, perhaps, gold paint) on his body, which catches the sun's rays and adds to his "awesomeness"... he comes in 4 pieces that slide together (very easy to assemble with no tools required at all) and also comes with hanging strings already attached... so all you have to do is hang him up... he swings and sways with the breezes in the air... he is from my private collection and as I mentioned before, I am starting a new life and lightening my load, so have decided to put him out into the world to find another loving home. :)

I have two more of these awesome FLYING DRAGONS from BALI, which are each a bit smaller than the next... so all three are different sizes and I will be offering the other two shortly on ebay... they look fabulous all hanging in the same room because they are all different sizes... this one is the largest of the trio.

This awesome FLYING DRAGON is made of wood and measures:
Wingspan: 20"
Length: 24"
Height: 12"

This is a close up view of this dragon's carved wing... incredible work!

This is the largest of the three FLYING DRAGONS that I am currently offering in ebay... the other two match this one, but are smaller.

Hoping all is well with everyone.

G'nite and take good care, Gracie :)