Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello All,


Hoping that 2010 brings you ALL that is good and that ALL of your dreams come to be! Don't know about you, but I'm real ready for something GOOD to come along... w
ill be back a little later with a bead update.

Until then, take good care!

Bye, bye for now, Gracie :)


Saturday, December 19, 2009


For the past month and a half I have been unable to access my GRACIEBEADS blog... it had simply disappeared and became lost in cyberspace somewhere... somehow! I am SO pleased (exhilarated to be honest) to find it again! Phew! I have missed you all!

I have a few of my bead collections up for auction on ebay... these have from one to six days left in ebay and since I could not find my blog, to update it, is why there is so little time left on some of these bead collections in ebay... sorry about that, but it was something beyond my control... if you'd like to take a look at these bead collections up on ebay, simply click on these bead collections' titles (below) and be taken directly to their ebay auctions...

LAMPWORK HAT & LAPEL PIN ::: A handmade artisan lampwork glass bead HAT PIN or LAPEL PIN in hues of turquoise, lime and robin egg blue... this pin is accented with faceted glass beads and gorgeous BALI silver beads... it has a little 'danglie' that swings when you move, hanging from the top of it, with a little tiny BALI flower charm/trinket at the end of it... this Hat Pin/Lapel Pin measures approximately 6 inches long and has a protective cap at the end of the pin so you won't get 'poked' (please see picture to the right for a visual of this cap)... the largest handmade lampwork bead in this jewelry creation measures approximately 17mm x 20mm... what a great addition to your fun and playful jewelry collection.

FOREST GATHERING ::: A collection of my handmade artisan lampwork glass beads in my REDWOOD design... my favorite beads to create!... these beads were done in rich, earthy glass colors of redwood bark browns on a backdrop of sage greens, golden honey and dark browns... these beautiful, Soul soothing colors of Mother Nature are great for the Winter months ahead, but will also work ALL year round.

This particular gathering of my REDWOOD beads are all matching in design (or as close as I could get them, that is)... sometimes in my Redwood collections, I add some transparent beads and/or beads with different, "out of the ordinary" designs, but not this time... this time it was intentional and planned that these beads all matched. :o)

There are 17 beads in this collection... to start is a focal/centerpiece bead that measures about 24mm x 24¾mm... with ten (10) smaller lentil shapes that measure about 18½mm to 20mm... and three (3) matching pair of round beads created with matching earrings and/or "danglies" in mind that measure about 8mm x 11mm to 9mm x 11¾mm... all of these beads are decorated all the way around and have been ever so gently etched to a satin matte finish... these beads were then temporarily strung on cording and this strand of beads measures about 10 inches long... the start of a stunning necklace or a few cool bracelets... all with matching earrings and/or "danglies", of course. :)

MOCHA TRIO ::: A trio (3) collection of my handmade artisan lampwork glass beads in the colors of mocha and pale champagne.

There are 5 beads in this collection... there are three (3) lentil shaped beads that all measure about 19½mm... with a matching pair of round beads that were created with earrings in mind that measure about 7mm x 10mm... these beads are all decorated on both sides and have been temporarily strung on organza ribbon... this strand of beads measures about 2½ inches long and were created with a bracelet and matching earrings in mind.

WINTER RAKU ::: A collection of my handmade artisan lampwork glass beads, intricately decorated in the beautiful colors of rainbow Raku in lavenders, purples, golden straw, greens and blues... great colors for Winter! These beads were created with a bracelet in mind.

There are 8 beads in this collection... these are all lentil shaped beads that all measure about 19mm... these beads are all intricately decorated on both sides and have been temporarily strung on cording... this strand of beads measures about 5¾ inches long... add some of your favorite accent beads and a cool clasp and you will have a fun and class-act bracelet.

Hoping all has been well with all of you... and I am so, so glad to have found my blog again! I missed it and wondered where the heck it had gone! he-he

Take good care and I send you all heartfelt wishes for very HAPPY HOLIDAYS, filled with PEACE, LOVE & HAPPINESS and a 2010 that brings you ALL that is good... we are due for some good things to come our way! I am so ready for something really good to happen!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

G'nite and take good care, Gracie :)