Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have a couple bead auctions up on ebay... to be taken directly to the ebay auctions for these listings below, please click on the bead collections' titles, which are links...

EBONY & IVORY ::: A collection of artisan handmade lampwork glass beads, created in EBONY and IVORY glass... these beads are fun and playful and were created with a few bracelets or one awesome necklace in mind... I love how the EBONY and IVORY compliment each other... what is it they say? Opposites attract? :)

There are 14 beads in this collection... these are all lentil shapes and are all decorated on both sides... some of these beads' decorations are left raised and appear almost 3-D... and some of these beads I have melted in the designs even with the surface of the bead... these beads measure from 18mm to 20mm and have been temporarily strung on ribbons... this strand of beads measures about 10-1/4 inches long.

LITTLE OF THIS... A Little of That ::: A Little of This... A Little of That is a collection of orphan artisan handmade lampwork glass beads... these beads were collections that were started and not completed... or... were experiments in color... some are created on backgrounds of fine silver and some have been gently etched to a satin matte finish... all beads are in perfect shape and would be great for a jewelry designer or hobbyist who enjoys making bracelets... lots of earthy hued beads to play with!

There are 33 beads in this collection... there are lentil shapes, one pastille shape, a couple puffy pillow shapes and one focal nugget shape... there are also 5 pair of small sized matching rounds in my Redwoods design that were created with earrings in mind... the beads in this collection range in size from about 7mm x 10mm (the smallest bead) to 21mm (the largest bead)... these beads are all decorated on both sides and have been temporarily strung on cording... this strand of beads measures about 19-1/2 inches long.

That's it for now... hoping all is well with all of you!

Take good care, Gracie

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Sorry for being gone for so long... I have been acclimating to our new environment! We've also been meeting some new people that live here in the forest, too. I'm also learning how to get around and get to town and all that good stuff.

It's about a 25 to 30 minute drive to town from where we live... told ya, we are out in the middle of the forest... the road to town is very windy and beautiful with lush and majestic redwood groves, wild flowers and lots of vineyards along the way... if you are a nature lover (like I am) you would love it here too, I'm sure... I hope you enjoy the pictures I took on my last trip to town... isn't it a beautiful place?!

Once you get to Healdsburg (the town we live by), there are quite a few Starbucks coffee shops, lots of upscale restaurants and shops, a gorgeous hotel, a Safeway and Raley's grocery store (BIG chain stores on the West Coast) and even a Blockbuster to rent DVDs and all the other stores that one gets used to in the big city... so that's a nice convenience!

We are very happy here and don't miss the BIG city one little bit... we do miss our friends, though. And one must most definitely be a nature lover and love peace and quiet to appreciate a life like this, but that is who we are, so it works well for us. :)

On the bead front... I have four bead auctions up on ebay right now... here is a link if you'd like to see...
ebay auctions... I'm also going to be offering some Specials soon on my web site soon!

Hoping all is well with everyone! And I'm very interested to hear from you about what colors you are interested in seeing in beads for Spring and Summertime?! Please email me at graciebeads@yahoo.com. I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Take good care, Gracie

P.S. Hello Mal! Miss you! Now that tax season is over, maybe you can take a little breather from work... perhaps you and Ardis can come up for a visit and see our new digs? We'd love to see you. We'll call you soon.