Friday, June 16, 2006

Hi there!

Hoping all is well with everyone!

This past week I've been making beads at my NEW studio... change doesn't come easy for me, so I decided to make some of my old time favorite designs to break in the new studio... here are 3 new auctions that I put up on ebay tonight... simply click on the collections' names and you will be taken to the auctions...

PURPLE LOVELIES: 19 beads... A collection of handmade lampwork glass beads in the lovely and soothing colors of lavenders, purples with pale rainbow greens and hints of blue.

There are 19 beads in this collection... lentil, pastille and puffy pillow shapes... they range in size from about 18mm to about 21mm and are temporarily strung on ribbon... this strand of beads measures about 13-1/2 inches long.

IT'S A NEW LIFE: 18 beads... This was, actually, the very first collection of handmade lampwork glass beads made in my new studio space... a collection of lampwork beads in shades of honey and champagne on a background of silvered blacks and topaz.

These 18 lampwork beads are lentil and pastille shapes with a couple of "puffy pillow" shapes added in... these beads range in size from about 18mm to 20mm and are all decorated on both sides... they have all be carefully and properly kiln annealed... this strand of beads measures about 12-1/2 inches long.

EARTHY CHAMPAGNE: 7 beads... A collection of handmade lampwork glass beads in earthy champagne yellows, honey and hints of steel blue... these beads were created with a bracelet in mind.

There are 7 beads in this collection... lentil shapes ranging in size from about 18mm to about 20mm... they are all decorated on both sides and are temporarily strung on ribbon... this strand of beads measures just shy of 5 inches long... add some of your favorites, i.e., pearls, Swarovski crystals, Bali silver and make yourself a gorgeous bracelet.

All of these beads are carefully and properly kiln annealed and shipping is FREE if within the United States.

My new work space is going to start offering WIFI (wireless Internet) soon and I will eventually have email there, but for now is the best place to email me.

Take good care, Gracie

P.S. Hi Mal! Hoping all is well with you.

P.S.S. Hi Kathy, my friend... I have sent you 5 emails and all were returned undeliverable (???)... I'll keep trying. *smile*

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Just a quick update... I got the keys to my new studio - yeah!... next, we have to move the studio (yikes)... if you are a fellow bead maker, you know what a job this is going to be... I hope to have the new place up and running by sometime next week or the week after at the latest... the sooner I can make beads again, the happier I will be!

Hoping all is well with everyone.

Take good care, Gracie

Monday, June 05, 2006

Hello all!

So sorry for being gone for so long... but... I'm back with BIG changes in the air for me and Graciebeads... we are moving my bead studio to a new location.

After years of working at home by my lonesome, it feels like the right time to move my bead studio into a space where there are LOTS of other artists creating... how cool it will be to be around other creative Souls... and the best part is that it is right down the street from the Bay... and the fact that nature inspires my work and being the 'water person' that I am, being so close to the water will be just awesome.

Once all of the "i's" are dotted and "t's" are crossed in the rental agreement, I plan to move just as soon as possible and get back behind the torch making beads... it's been wayyyyy too long and I can't wait to get back to work... when I'm not making beads, it feels like part of me is missing. *smile*

Just as soon as the new studio is all set up, I will post some pictures to show you my new space... I'm very excited about this new adventure... it's ALL good.

Take good care and I'll be in touch soon with another update... and hopefully, have some beads to show you before too long!


P.S. If you would like to contact me, please use my address for the time being... thanks!