Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hoping all is well in your world!

A couple new auctions up on ebay...

SPRING PURPLES: 11 handmade lampwork glass beads in lavender, purple and gentle rainbow green colors for SPRING!

SILVERED HONEY: 11 handmade lampwork glass beads in the colors of black, honey, champagne with oodles of fine silver to add to the fun.

I had a couple Specials up on my site today and hope to have more up soon!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope the rest of your week and your upcoming weekend is fabulous.

Take good care, Gracie

Saturday, March 25, 2006


HAPPY WEEKEND! I just added two new auctions on ebay...

CHOCOLATE: 3 DAY auction... 15 handmade lampwork glass beads in the delicious colors of chocolate... deep, rich browns with toffee tans... yummy colors!

EARTHY: 5 DAY auction... 25 organic handmade lampwork glass beads in the earthy colors of greens, browns and champagne golds that have all been gently etched to a satin matte finish... lots of beads for lots of beading fun!

I am really going to try and get some SPECIALS up this week!

Hope the rest of your weekend is delightful and thanks so much for stopping by.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hello all!

A new auction on ebay today...

14 beads... 8 lentil shapes and 3 matching pairs of earring/"danglie" beads... these beads were created in the gentle colors of earthy ELFIN greens and browns, enhanced with lots of fine silver and subtle grays... colors one might find in the forest or woods.

That's it for now... hope your week ahead is wonderful!

Take good care, Gracie

Sunday, March 19, 2006


More lavenders and purples! For some reason I am still quite taken with these colors... just can't seem to get enough of them... soooooo... another collection in these colors is up on ebay!

SPRING POTPOURRI: 27 beads... in this collection of handmade lampwork glass beads there are 20 lentil, pastille, pillow & puffy pillow shapes, one larger lentil shaped focal, along with 3 pairs (6 beads) of matching earring beads (one pair of mini lentils, 2 pairs of round shapes) in earthy & organic raku rainbow colors with lavenders, purples and gentle greens... great colors for SPRINGTIME!

Hope your week ahead is wonderful!

Take good care, Gracie

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hello all,

I've been busy with other things lately and didn't get a chance to get my new auctions on ebay announced in here when I first put them up... but... better late than never... sooooo here they are...

PURPLE RAINBOW... a collection of 12 handmade lampwork glass beads created in raku rainbow colors with lavenders, purples, gentle greens and hints of blue... this auction has only 2 days left before it closes.

MIDNIGHT DELIGHT... a mini (5 beads) collection of handmade lampwork glass beads in the colors of midnight blues with amber... the auction has 3 days left before it closes.

I do hope to have some more new beads soon and more Specials on my web site, but we'll see... as I mentioned, I've been busy, busy... life is funny like that sometimes... it takes you in all kinds of unexpected directions.

Hoping all is well in your worlds!

Take good care and g'nite, Gracie

Friday, March 10, 2006


Not much new here... same ol', same ol'. We've been having lots of rain, but today the sun came out for a little while and with it came BIG smiles. The other day I took a nice long walk with my dear friend, Ruby, and we noticed all the budding trees filled with new life... so exciting! So, it is official, SPRING is almost here and I can't wait! We are sooooo spoiled (weather-wise) on the West Coast. Folks that live further east have snow (and all of its hassles... shoveling it, driving in it -yikes!) to deal with! However, I bet it can be fun living in the snow, too. *smile*

Now, on to the beads... I have added four new auctions to ebay...

HEAVENLY: 12 beads... a heavenly color combination of soft, gentle purples and soft greens for Spring! 3 day auction.

ATLANTIS: 19 beads... In the colors that could be from times long, long ago... ancient slate blues, pale champagnes, antique honey, amber and deep bronzes. 5 day auction.

VINEYARD: 8 beads... this collection of handmade lampwork glass beads was created in rainbow raku colors and blues. 7 day auction.

HONEY PIE: 25 beads... a fun collection of handmade lampwork glass beads in the colors of honey, amber, black and silver. 7 day auction.

I'm also going to have a few SPECIALS on my web site this weekend.

Hoping your weekend is absolutely delightful!

Take good care, Gracie

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


A couple new auctions for SPRING in ebay...

SPRING PURPLES: 22 beads... these handmade lampwork glass beads were created in the colors of purples, lavenders and greens with hints of rainbow blues... there are four more days on this auction... lots of beads here for LOTS of fun! This auction runs for 3-1/2 more days.

CLOVE: 9 beads... CLOVE is one of the HOT new colors for Spring 2006... these beads are all lentil shapes and are created in the colors of CLOVE, mocha and deep, rich coffee browns... ... great beads for a bracelet! This auction runs for another 6 days.

I truly hope to have more Specials on my website soon. Some of my customers have asked to be notified when I list my Specials, so I have created an email notification list to let people know of these Specials. If you would like to be added to my Specials email list, please email me at and I will gladly add your name to my email list.

Hope the rest of your week is a good one and the upcoming weekend is GREAT!

Take good care, Gracie

P.S. A special hello to Mal (the most wonderful father-in-law a girl could have) who checks my web site daily to see what's new... he's just the greatest guy! You'd love him, too!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Hope your week is going well... not much new here, but a quick update... I have a couple new lampwork bead auctions up on ebay that have about four more days running...

SLATE - 20 beads in the colors of slate blues, cobalt blues and lots of fine silver... these beads would be great to wear with your favorite casual look.

COBALT - 16 beads in cobalt blues and pale blues with touches of silver... perfect to wear with your favorite comfy jeans. *smile* In both of these collections, some of the beads have been gently etched to a satiny matte finish... I love the satiny matte look - the matte look is earthy, classy and adds a lot of interest.

That's it for now. I've been working blues alot lately and now I am in the mood for purples... so look for those colors soon. I'm also in the mood for some oranges... what do you think? Yeah? Nay?

I've seen the color palette for Spring of 2006 and do like the viola, melon, clove and deep ultramarin. If you have any colors that you'd be interested in seeing in beads, please let me know by emailing me at ... I'd would LOVE to hear from you... Spring is almost here! YEAH!

Take good care and I do hope to hear from you!

G'nite, Gracie